6 New TV Episodes About The Untold Twist
In The Life of Ebenezer Scrooge




Jerry Parisi has over 40 years in the advertising business spanning Art Director, thru Executive Creative Director. He is also a serious Union Actor. The original Ebenezer concept came to him as he played Ebenezer Scrooge every year at Old Bethpage Village Restoration as well as various Nursing Homes, VA Hospitals and street festivals.

He has recreated the role for over 13 years. Throughout the 13 years he was (along with several other characters) featured at New York City’s Penn Station, along with the Rockettes. He was featured on Long Island Railroad TV monitors for over 2 months as Mr Scrooge. Jerry graced the cover the Long Island Newspaper, Newsday as Long Island’s Mr Scrooge’s from the Christmas Carol.  Because of all this yearly coverage, TV stations also began labelling him “Long Island’s Mr Scrooge.” as well. He has been on TV and Theater all his life. He is a SAG-AFTRA member since 1981, and regular TV work every week.


Producer, Writer and 
Show Runner

Leland Prater has worn many professional hats throughout his life: Firefighter, Engineer, Roustabout, Fry Cook, Doughnut Maker, Mensan, Sag-E Actor, and Writer. One other thing he has always been however is a storyteller and a student of Entertainment; one with a dream.  It took years to live a life before the time finally arrived to be able to revisit that dream and turn it into a reality.

With “Ebenezer: The Traveler” that reality will be based upon one of the most beloved tales of the Christmas, or any other, season. The character of Scrooge is well known and universally recognized; however, what if the story everyone thinks they know, isn’t exactly how it really went? That’s the premise this dream is built upon, and with inspiration drawn from over a century and a half of traditions, history, and holiday magic, Leland hopes that this previously untold twist



Executive Producer
Chief Financial Officer

Joann Sciascia a newcomer to the TV Industry has been involved in the financial world for over twenty years. She, along with her late husband Joseph, created two very successful businesses. She is now branching out, investing in new projects, including the entertainment industry. 

Mrs Sciascia gives credence to being fiscally responsible and brings that long-held belief system into her practice as an Executive Producer and CFO. She looks forward to using her business skills in the creation of a financially viable product, bringing Ebenezer The Traveler ™ to the screen and the “Miser Collection”™ to market



Producer, Advisor
Intellectual Property Lawyer

Betty Tufariello, producer and founder of Intellectulaw, Betty helps business owners and entrepreneurs follow their dreams and build a secure future by researching and registering trademarks and leveraging their intellectual property.

Through Intelectulaw, Betty clients achieve their personal goals of more income, the better quality of life, and peace of mind through the proper management of their intellectual property, litigation, and commercial transactions. Betty’s business acumen and global alliances enable her to add value to her clients’ interests across the board.

Betty’s combined experience in the areas of science, the corporate world, and the law allow her clients to reap measurable results. She has successfully litigated against Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Sketchers, and other high-profile companies.



C0-Executive Producer
Show Representative
Media Placement  & Sales

Carl J. Sabatino has over forty years in the broadcast industry. Most recently as part of Smith – Sabatino, a nationally syndicated on-air radio and television broadcast team with celebrated news anchor Rolland Smith. In addition to his on-air persona, he serves as Executive Producer and President of Smith Sabatino, LLC. 

As a broadcaster and consultant, he has worked for WTFM, WOR and WNEW in New York City, and has been on-air with ‘The Morning Show with Carl Sabatino,’ and  “The Christmas Eve Yule Log” on WSIA 88.9, and WNYM 970AM, New York, WOND-AM, Philadelphia/Atlantic City. He was President of RadioASB, an Internet broadcast distribution channel, highlighting the music of the American songbook experience.

Mr Sabatino also served as CEO of The Christmas Channel™ an eCommerce, seasonal television and radio media distribution corporation. In conjunction with The Christmas Channel, he also served as Executive Director for The Christmas Channel Foundation, Inc. Mr Sabatino assumed the helm of World Television in April of 1987 serving through 1994 as President and Chief Executive Officer.    carljsabatino@gmail.com

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